Understand Korean: Component one – Asian Languages and Language Family members

So, you have usually been fascinated by Asian lifestyle have you? Perhaps you are somebody who loves the martial arts kung fu, tae-kwon-do, or karate. Perhaps you are fascinated in the amazing oriental stores and like to purchase numerous items from them to embellish your house. Perhaps you like the peaceful society you see depicted in some Asian movies. Or maybe you are just incredibly in adore with the Asian languages this kind of as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Whatever your interest is in Asia and its culture, it could never damage to know a little bit about the culture. In reality, studying about one thing a lot Myasianztv more than is demonstrated in action movies and your Korean dramas can be quite helpful.

My knowledge is with Korean lifestyle and Korean language, but the tradition is related in most Asian nations.

Language Family members

One of the primary issues you may possibly have observed is how exceptionally distinct the Asian languages are from English. You appear across languages this kind of as Italian, Spanish, and French, and you can at least uncover some similarities in these languages and English. Yet there look to be none amongst English and Asian languages! The reality is they just appear from various language families. Most European languages will fall in the identical language loved ones as English. Numerous of these are in the Indo-European language families. Phrases will be equivalent among all of the languages that come from the very same loved ones.

Asian languages these kinds of as Japanese and Korean are in the same language loved ones, the Altaic family members. You will discover several similarites in these two languages. Mandarin Chinese will come from the Sino-Tibetan household.

Altaic Loved ones

The Altaic loved ones is named after the Alti Mountains. They are found in Central Asia. The Altaic Loved ones consists of Turkish, Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese. Out of these, Turkish is the most western of the languages, even though Korean and Japanese are much more japanese.

Sino-Tibetan Family

The Sino-Tibetan Household is composed of Mandarin Chinese. Languages in this language household are produced up of one particular syllable words and phrases, but there are Numerous. There is no basic alphabet to sort these terms, which brings about the huge quantity of Chinese characters, making it a single of the most difficult languages to find out. You also have to discover to talk, go through, and compose all separately. There is no studying a phrase and getting able to talk it, nor can you hear 1 and guess on how it is spelled. Producing is even now completely on it really is very own even if you can read, because you have to use correct stroke orders! Very time consuming to learn.

There are also a number of tones in these languages. A modify in pitch whilst saying a term could alter the indicating of the word fully. It helps make the language seem very pretty when spoken, but is extremely tough to discover!

Sentence Structure

As with a lot of Asian languages, a widespread truth you will discover is a lot of of the languages comply with an SOV sentence structure. That is, Subject matter, Object, Verb. English tends to spot the verb soon after the subject of the sentence. Asian languages spot the verb at the really finish of the sentence. The most crucial component of the sentence is saved for previous 🙂 Don’t we all save the ideal for very last?

Though much of the society evolves about the language, there is lots far more to society. Korean tradition is amazing in each way. Look forward to long term content articles masking Korean society.

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